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Baxter Jones is a monster psychologist. To clarify, he is not himself a monster. He is a well-behaved human adult who specializes in treating monsters. But try making  that distinction clear in front of an angry mob. 

In this pilot episode, the Joneses are driven out of another suburb and head for the coastal city of Tumballana, a town overflowing with the supernaturally inclined. Can the family finally settle down? 

Will Baxter be able to treat a nervous vampire client with a blood phobia? Can teenage son Dante ever find a date? Will mother and retired demon-hunter Tennessee be able to restrain herself from slaying Dante's date? Is that a picture book little Daisy has found, or something more sinister? And what about that  murderous demon who prefers a Tumballana without professional mental counseling?

Find out, in "Just Like Paranormal."


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